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Alarm Permits

If you are located within the Houston city limits, you will need to visit this page at the Houston Police Department.

If you are located within Harris County (but not in Houston city limits), you need to visit this page from the Harris County Alarm Detail.

If you are located within Conroe city limits, you will need to visit this page at the city of Conroe website.
If you are located within Richmond city limits, you will need to visit this page at the Fort Bend County website.
If you are located within The Deer Park city limits, you will need to visit this page at the Deer Park city website.
Security Codes & Authority Levels for
Honeywell Vista 10P, Honeywell Vista 20P.
How to Assign Security Codes and Attributes.
 The following lists the various command strings for adding security codes and attributes Refer to the User Setup chart at the back of this manual for factory assignments of user attributes and to keep a record of user programming.
Change System Master Code:
System Master code + [8] + 02 + new Master code + new code again.
 The System Master code can be changed only by using the current System Master code or by the Installer using the Installer code (Installer code + [8] + 02 + new System Master code)
Add Security Code:
System Master code + [8] + user no. + new user’s security code User 01 = installer User 03-16 = standard users User 02 = master (factory set master code is 1234)
The Keypad beeps once to confirm that new user was added.
Delete Security Code:
System Master code + [8] + [user no.] + [#] [0]
The secuirty code and all attributes programmed for this user number, including any associated RF keys, are erased from the system.
 Authority Level: System Master code + [8] + [user no.] + [#] [1]+ auth. level Factory Assignments: Authority Levels (see definitions on previous page): users 03-16 = 0 0 = standard user 2 = guest 1 = arm only 3 = duress.
Access Group: System Master Code + [8] + [user no.] + [#] [2]+ group (1-8) Factory Assignments: none You can assign users to a group, then set an access schedule that defines the times this group of users can operate the system. The system ignores these users outside the scheduled times.
RF User Number: System Master Code + [8] + [user no.] + [#] [4]+ zone no. Factory Assignments: none Use this command to assign a wireless button device (keyfob) to this user (keyfob must be enrolled in system first; see installer). Zone number: enter the zone number assigned to a button on the keyfob that will be used for arming/disarming by this user. Pager On/Off: System Master Code + [8] + [user no.] + [#] [5] + 0 or 1 Factory Assignments: You can program a user so that a message is sent to a pager users 01-16 = 1 (on) whenever this code is used to arm or disarm the system.
Paging On/Off: 1 = allow paging; 0 = no paging for this user.
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