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Alarm System Components
Control Panels Honeywell Security’s innovative line of control panels provide you with more of what you want—the power, capacity and versatility to satisfy virtually any installation requirement from a single platform.
   Keypads Honeywell offers a wide variety of flexible, easy-to-use keypads that put security and convenience at your fingertips.
Motion Detectors
Infrared motion sensors provide one of the most reliable and cost effective methods for protecting open spaces in the home or office. These devices which, like other detection devices, can be either hard-wired or wireless, project an undetectable beam of infrared light which senses motion within the 30 ft coverage area. The motion sensors can be adjusted to mitigate the motion of pets and décor items. Motion detectors are very reliable and are often used in conjunction with glass breakage sensors in locations with numerous entry points.
Door and Window Sensors
Contact sensors installed on doors and windows are the primary detection component for most home and small business alarm systems. They are attached to the frame of the monitored door or window and operate mechanically through magnetic attraction. Contact sensors may be either hard-wired to the alarm panel or wireless and are very reliable.
 A wireless remote or "keyfob" is similar to the remote entry button used on most newer cars and gives you the ability to turn your alarm system on or off at the push of a button from a range of up to 75 feet. In addition to arming your system, your keyfob can act as a "panic button" and can be used to open your garage door or turn your home lighting on and off for systems with these features.
Glass Break Detectors
Glass breakage detectors are activated by the sound profile of breaking glass and are able to filter out other common household noises such as slamming doors, thunderclaps and animal sounds. Because they communicate an alarm before an intruder enters the premise, they provide a measure of assurance over internal motion detectors.
Potter Electric HSC-1 High Security Contact Switch.
The model HSC, a High Security Contact switch is listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada for monitoring the open or closed position of safe and vault doors. The switch includes design features, which makes it highly defeat resistant in critical environment.
 Features: Triple-biased, SPDT (Form C) reed alarm switches in the switch unit with a magnet array in the magnet unit, makes the defeat of the switch with an external magnet virtually impossible. DPDT Model HSC-2 has two separate triple-biased SPDT (Form C) reed alarm circuits in the switch unit, which may be used in place of two separate switch units. Magnetic field tamper output added to further resist defeat with an external magnet or magnet array assembly. Hidden pry tamper, SPST (Form A) alarm switch output. Remote test option available. (Models HSC-1-TS and HSC-1-TP) For indoor / outdoor use. Lead type-8 foot flexible stainless steel armored cable. Narrow housing allows for mounting on narrow door frames Grey powdercoat aluminum housings with protective end caps.
Wall Vibration Sensors
     Vibration sensors are transducers that detect low frequency energy, such as that generated by a physical intrusion attempt. The sensors are designed to detect mechanical vibration caused by such actions as sawing, drilling, chopping or ramming.

Principal Drawback
Walls or fencing to which the sensors are attached must have the proper composition and structural integrity to enable vibration to be transferred to the sensors. Certain types of wood, metal and masonry walls and fencing do not transmit vibration effectively enough for reliable intrusion detection.

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